KLLM’s dedicated division provides predictable transportation costs through the optimization of your fleet management as well as risk mitigation by converting private fleets operations. Our highly-trained operations staff and drivers specialize in what is unique and important to your supply chain and customer expectations. Whether it’s yard management, power-only, or everything including equipment, drivers, and operations staff, we can accommodate your needs. By utilizing our extensive experience in the transportation industry, we design and implement cost-effective solutions that deliver measurable results and add value to your supply chain.

For more information about KLLM Dedicated services offerings:
Bill Hahn, Director of Dedicated Sales

Build A More
Efficient Business

KLLM’s Dedicated division can help you become more efficient. By doing what we do best, KLLM will help you eliminate the worry of managing your day-to-day distribution challenges, enabling you to concentrate more fully on what you do best, run the business at hand.

By enlisting the assistance of KLLM Dedicated you can gain efficiencies in your operations and add to your bottom line at the same time.

As Much Or As
Little As You Need

KLLM Dedicated will do as much or as little as you desire. We will fill all of your needs with a private fleet conversion, fleet management, dedicated fleets with KLLM equipment, dedicated transportation management, drop yard equipment management or supplement your private fleet.

KLLM Offers
Value-Added Services

Our dedicated division is committed to providing our clients Value-Added Transportation Services. We will supply you with service alternatives that result in a competitive edge for your company.

Fleet Creation

  • Analyze shipment level detail to determine feasibility
  • Multiple turns, create tours, 3rd party backhaul
  • Temperature-Controlled, Dry Van, Power-Only, and other specialized transportation service options

Fleet Replacement

  • Maintain the service levels and control of operating a private fleet
  • Limit cash outlay of purchasing or leasing equipment
  • Reduce exposure and liability
  • Reduce costs through increased utilization and technology
  • Create or enhance safety program

Fleet Enhancement

  • Grow private fleet without burdens of ownership
  • Access to larger fleet and driver base


  • Design team involvement
  • Operations input from design stage
  • Driver Recruiting, Finance, Billing, Customer Service, Line Haul Operations, Backhaul

Quality Improvement

  • Understanding customer’s needs
  • Designing a solution to meet the needs
  • Implement design at start-up

Reporting & Reviews

  • Mutually determine Key Performance Indicators
  • Continually measure KPI metrics
  • Customizable time periods for reporting and formal reviews


Examples of KPI’s:

  • On-time delivery measures
  • Load volume
  • Utilization measures
  • Driver measures
  • Cost per pound
  • Miles per gallon
  • Cost per mile
  • Idle time