KLLM was the first nationwide, temperature-controlled carrier to utilize satellite communications fleet wide. All KLLM trucks, as well as all lease trucks, are linked to our Jackson, Mississippi, headquarters through a satellite communications network. This system allows for monitoring the status and location of every KLLM truck on the road at any given time. It also provides for a two-way communication link between drivers and terminal personnel. This system has allowed us to enhance our service to our customers, our drivers and the entire KLLM system.

KLLM, in keeping with the latest technology, also utilizes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), one of the most valuable tools used by the transportation industry. This technology allows KLLM to transmit and receive information electronically. EDI covers everything including billing, status notification, notification of receipt of payment, bills of lading; load tendering, service and performance standards and third-party messaging.

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