Hinds CC, KLLM Transport Services Receive New Grant

– Associated Press – Saturday, April 4, 2015

RAYMOND, Miss. (AP) – Hinds Community College and trucking company KLLM Transport Services in Richland are partnering on a project to recruit and train female truck drivers.

A $220,000 grant is being provided by the Foundation for the Mid-South to extend a current truck driving partnership between Hinds and KLLM.

Officials say in a news release that the funds can be used for tuition, outreach and training support. Its purpose is to increase access to middle-skill jobs for 300 people over the next two years, particularly among traditionally underrepresented populations such as women.

Since fall 2012 when the partnership was launched, 324 students have graduated and entered employment. Students in the program receive a scholarship covering tuition and commit to working for KLLM for at least one year.

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KLLM Supervisors Honored by the Department of Defense

ESGRThe Mississippi Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense (DoD) office, has announced that KLLM Transport Services dispatch supervisors Oscar Pope, and Darryl Lucas were honored Sept. 26 with Patriot Awards in recognition of extraordinary support of KLLM employees serving in the Guard and Reserve. Click the link below to view the entire article.

KLLM Supervisors Honored by the Department of Defense – ESGR

Troopers and KLLM Truckers Riding Together for Safer Roads

JACKSON, Miss. – KLLM Transport Services has announced that it will be participating with the Mississippi Highway Patrol in an effort to stop drivers who operate their cars in an unsafe manner around 18-wheelers on Mississippi’s  highways.

State troopers will be riding along with truck drivers in the cabs of some of KLLM’s trucks to observe the driving behaviors of vehicles they encounter. Erratic drivers who drive recklessly around the big rig will be ticketed by MHP officers in marked patrol cars who will be in radio contact with the troopers riding in trucks.
“Many of the 18-wheeler accidents you hear about on the news are actually caused by the wrongdoing of automobile drivers who have driven recklessly around the big rig,” said MHP Captain Scott Carnegie. “It takes 200 feet for one of these fully loaded trucks to stop, and we’re going to watch for–and catch–erratic or aggressive drivers who do things like suddenly pulling out in front of trucks or who drive too closely to trucks.”
This is the second year for this safety program, part of the “Motor Carrier Apprehension Program” which is funded by a federal grant from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. “We’re out here to make all drivers safer. Last year, crash rates went down dramatically in the areas we worked and we gave out over 2,000 tickets. We’re grateful to companies like KLLM, who are participating with us to help make the highways safer for everyone.”
About KLLM
KLLM, based in Jackson, MS, offers over-the-road, regional and dedicated temperature-controlled services throughout the United States and Mexico. KLLM has been transporting perishable commodities for satisfied customers throughout the country for 50 years.

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KLLM Announces Education Partnership with Hinds Community College

A local community college and trucking company are kicking off a new partnership in education.

Hinds Community College and KLLM Transports of Richland signed a deal Monday that will help combat a national shortage of qualified truck drivers.

KLLM Transport Services is offering $4,000 scholarships to cover the cost of training for students enrolled in the commercial truck driving program at Hinds Community College in Raymond.

The eight-week training program is followed by a paid eight-week internship with KLLM.

The students commit to one year of employment with KLLM, and after one-year have the opportunity become an Independent Contractor of their own truck, financed by KLLM.

Source:  Mississippi News Now

KLLM Benefits From $1.08 Million EPA Grant To Go Green

On August 5, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded Mississippi State University’s Center for Advance Vehicular Systems (CAVS) a $1.08 million grant as part of the National Clean Diesel Funding assistance Program.

KLLM Transportation Services is very proud to be one of the University’s industry partners. The funding from this grant will be used to install battery powered climate controlled systems on a minimum of 101 trucks. The units will reduce diesel emissions significantly by allowing the driver to run air conditioning and heat without idling the vehicle’s engine.

“This project is a perfect example of the positive economic and environmental impact that Mississippi State is making in the state and region,” said Michael Mazzola, the associate director for advanced vehicle systems at CAVS and the principal investigator on the EPA grant. “We will also have a national impact because of the cross-country routes many of our partners’ trucks drive.”

Jim Richards, president and CEO of KLLM, said “We are excited to partner with Mississippi State. This is just one more avenue in our attempt to go green and be as environmentally-friendly as possible.”

Currently, 60% of KLLM’s fleet is equipped with Alternative Power Units (APU’s). The company has purchased lightweight, aerodynamic tractors and low resistance tires. They are also installing trailer skirting.

KLLM drivers receive incentive bonuses to reduce unnecessary idling. All company-owned tractors are governed at 62 mph.

“As a result of actions taken at KLLM we are proud to have attained the highest ranking from the U.S. EPA’s SmartWay Carrier Partnership program,” stated Richards. SmartWay Transport is an innovative collaboration between the EPA and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions and improve energy security. Companies that partner in SmartWay Transport programs save money, reduce fuel consumption and are recognized for their responsibility and leadership.

“An investment in green technology is an investment in the future of our company and will have a positive effect for generations to come,” said Richards. KLLM was also presented with the 2009 Chiquita Green Transportation Excellence Award.

We are very appreciative of the partnership we have developed with MSU and the funding provided in this grant by the EPA.

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KLLM Salutes Ten New Independent Contractors

KLLM Transport Services, 50 years and going strong in the perishable-commodities field, continues to build a large team of Independent Contractors with its unparalleled lease-purchase program, helping drivers acquire ownership of their own Freightliner Cascadias and Columbias with 18-to-36-month programs.

The company kicked off the Lease-Purchase program with an initial group of ten Independent Contractors, as a pilot project. Since then, the program has exceeded all expectations, and has grown to include over 700 LP/ICs. “We’re proud of those who took the ‘leap of faith’ with us in that beginning stage,” states Lease-Purchase Manager Brenda Beard. “They proved us right! Today we continue to offer drivers a flexible program that is easy to understand, free of loopholes, with a beginning, and an end leading to ownership.”

The company recently announced the first ten Independent Contractors who completed the program and own their trucks outright. They all have good things to say about the help they were given by KLLM: “I did my research, asked a business advisor, and it was clear that KLLM offered the best plan out there,” says Sharon Ramsey, who joined the company in ’87. “They let me pick my own truck, and I got a great one! I hope to own and drive it for KLLM a long, long time.”

Eight-year KLLM veteran Ray Holcomb, who has owned his truck since March, agrees, “I’d advise anyone looking to own to talk to KLLM. They let me double up payments and own my truck in half the time, and that let me start making more money quicker.” “It does pay off!” adds Donald Alexander, another happy owner as of May ’10, who has been with the company for 12 years. “I’d never have been able to just go out and spend so much money and make those payments without this lease-purchase help.”

Bottom line? As Kirk Blankenship, Director of Driver Resources, puts it, “We wanted to have the most successful Lease-Purchase program in the industry. Our new owners are part of a group that has helped us achieve that, and we have no plans for letting up.

“In the KLLM Lease-Purchase program, success is the only option!”

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KLLM Receives Chiquita’s 2009 Green Transportation Excellence Award

KLLM received the honor based on numerous programs the company has in place to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and care for the environment, according to a release from the company.

“An investment in green technology is an investment in the future of our company and will have a positive impact for generations to come,” Jim Richards, president and chief executive officer of KLLM, said in the release.

KLLM is a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership, and over the last three years has invested millions to improve its overall fuel usage and reduce its carbon footprint, including installing
auxiliary power units to 631 trucks and closely monitoring tire inflation, according to the release.

The company has paid more than $1 million in fuel economy bonuses to drivers who meet stringent idle reduction goals and performed clean idle air upgrades to all of its tractor engines.

Beginning last January, KLLM equipped all new tractors with Detroit Diesel’s latest engine model that meets the EPA’s 2010 requirements.

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KLLM Announces New Logistics Services

KLLM Transport Services announced this week the addition of a Logistics Services division to the company. KLLM is a 45-year-old asset based carrier headquartered in Jackson, MS.

With its backing and stability, parent company KLLM is pleased to offer another service to their customers. Jim Richards, president & chief executive officer of KLLM explained that this division is, “A further commitment to our excellent customer service. Our goal is to supply shippers and carriers with a service alternative that will result in a competitive edge for their company. We want to help them gain efficiencies in their operation and add to their bottom line.”

KLLM Logistics Services will offer 24-hour customer service and dispatch availability with the support of KLLM’s fleet of 1,350 tractors and 1,800 trailers.

Kirk Blankenship, a 20-year KLLM veteran with 26 years in the industry, will serve as director of the division. Blankenship attended Pearl River Community College and The University of Southern Mississippi. “Kirk’s 26 years of experience in this industry is another benefit our customers will receive through KLLM’s Logistics Services,” said Richards.

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