KLLM uses the requirements that are outlined by a shipper to design a transportation package that will provide the best service available. Just-in-Time, Protective Service, Temperature Sensitive and Low Altitude Routings are just a few of the specialty services we offer. It is the nature of our business to perform on a higher level than our competitors, and we do it every day. Annually, KLLM drivers deliver over 180,000 loads, achieving an on-time delivery rate of 98%.

98% On-Time Delivery Rate

With our Just-In-Time promise of performance, we have experienced a 98% On-Time Delivery Rate for our client’s goods and perishables. If you ever have a question about where your goods are, our friendly and centralized, 24-hours customer service line 1-800-925-1000 can help you find out more details.

Load Tracking

KLLM Load Tracking is available to any of our customers.  Our Load Tracking system has the ability for our clients to search by:

  • KLLM Order Number
  • Origin City or State
  • Destination City or State
  • Transit Dates (From Date to Date)

With our software, our clients can view detailed information about their orders including Shipper/Receiver, Truck Number, Pickup/Delivery stops along with intermediate stops, your order’s position history, and any supporting documents associated with their orders including items like bills of lading.

Modern Fleet

KLLM maintains a fleet of company-owned tractor/trailers and employs many Independent Contractors. We operate approximately 1150 company-owned tractors, 400 Independent Contracor tractors and 2400 refrigerated trailers. Tractor specifications change periodically to satisfy driver needs and cost control and to keep pace with the newest technology.

Regular maintenance is performed on our equipment in the company’s facilities, which provides for superior equipment reliability and cost control throughout the fleet. Our en-route repair department is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle equipment problems that may come up while trucks are in en route. A network of over 2000 service facilities is used to ensure prompt repair and to minimize the delays caused by mechanical problems.


As a technology leader in the transportation industry, KLLM has one of the largest tractor fleets in the United States equipped with anti-lock brakes.

Our DOT recordable accident ratio averages .25 accidents per million miles driven. This is achieved primarily by the elimination of jackknife accidents, caused from skidding. Anti-lock brakes prohibit tractors from skidding and improve our drivers’ abilities to control their vehicles.

The anti-lock brake system helps protect our customers’ freight while in transit. With load locks in place and anti-lock brakes on tractors, our customers’ freight arrives in the best possible condition every time.


  • Temperature-controlled trailers are available.
  • All trailers are equipped with diesel-powered refrigeration units.
  • The outside height of each unit is 13’6″, and the door height is 104″.
  • The inside length of each unit is 52′.
  • The maximum cargo weight is 45,500 lbs. (including any loading materials). Average tare weight is 15,900 lbs.
  • All refrigeration units are flush-mounts with bulkheads inside.
  • All T/C trailers are equipped with airflow chutes.
Inside Length 52.2″
Outside Height 13.6″
Door Opening 109.5″
Inside Height 111.0″
All units are taped outside with reflective materials for safety.

KLLM’s trailers are individually numbered by series for easy identification.

Satellite Communications

All of our company and lease trucks are linked to our Jackson, Mississippi, headquarters through the satellite communications network. This system allows us to monitor the location and status of each of the trucks as well as provides a two-way communication link between drivers and terminal personnel. The system has allowed us to enhance our service to the benefit of our customers, our drivers and the entire KLLM system.

Without satellite communications, trucking companies depend upon drivers to telephone dispatchers at specified intervals. The information available is only as good as the last phone call.

Because most of our customers’ shipments are temperature and/or time sensitive, they require a high level of service and dependability. From customers’ perspectives, the ability to provide accurate information about the location of their shipments is invaluable.

Being first in satellite communications is yet another indication of KLLM’s commitment to being a service leader.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

One of the most useful tools used by the transportation industry is the ability to transmit and receive information electronically. At KLLM, we have been a leader in developing this ability.

KLLM’s Vice President of Information Systems welcomes you to contact him at our corporate offices. In the event you wish to begin using EDI, if you have any questions or any special requests concerning establishing a link with KLLM, we will be glad to help.

Below is a summary of the capabilities we offer as part of our customer services:

  • Billing
    • Paperless invoicing within customers’ criteria.
  • Status Messages
    • Periodical notification of load locations.
  • Receipt of Payment
    • Via bank transfer, eliminating checks.
  • Bills of Lading
    • As proof of delivery.
  • Load Tendering
    • Eliminating the need for phone or fax communications.
  • Service or Performance Standards
    • Monthly or quarterly updates on service and/or performance standards
  • Third Party
    • Sears/IBM Advantis Kleinschmidt MCI G.E. Information Services Transettlement.