We wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for our exceptional drivers and their commitment to excellence.  Read our driver testimonials to find out what some of our drivers say about working for KLLM.

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Bill Kren, Jr., Truck Driver

Raymond Troth, Truck Driver


Timothy Gilmore, Truck Driver

Timothy Gilmore has worked around trucks most of his life, but until recently he never dreamed he’d be sitting behind the wheel of one as a professional driver. This 25-year-old father of three girls says his job at an auto parts store had grown to a level of frustration he couldn’t stand, but he didn’t know what else to do—until he heard about a new scholarship program at KLLM Transport Services.

“It seemed like every time I got my paycheck it was going down. One week I’d get 40 hours, then the next week they’d only give me 25 hours. I needed something steady and reliable,” Gilmore says. “My father, uncle and cousin had all driven over the road and I knew that truck drivers were in demand, so that seemed like a good career field to move into. But I didn’t have a way to get my CDL.”

Originally from Chicago, Gilmore’s parents relocated to Mississippi when he was in high school for more job opportunities. Several years ago he had called to get information from a nearby truck driving school, but he never enrolled because he wasn’t able to pay the $4,000 tuition. “But in August, I called again and they are the ones who told me that KLLM was now offering scholarships for anyone who was willing to come drive for them for a year. So I called and talked to Martha at KLLM, and before I knew it, I was signed up and starting out on my training at Hinds Community College. And it didn’t cost me a cent!” he says. “The people at KLLM really treated me good, like family.”

Gilmore completed the 4-week course, graduated in September and went on to six weeks with a KLLM trainer. “This has been a life changer for me. I’m guaranteed a job and this company is always going to have freight. Even with the recession, America’s got to eat,” Gilmore says, referring to the reefers he’s now pulling. “It has released a lot of stress from my life knowing I can give my kids the things they need. I’m doing this for them and I appreciate what KLLM has done for me,” he states. “I’m looking forward to many, many years with them!”

Ken Shivers, Recruiter

To get the facts on how you’ll be treated at most major carriers, you talk to a recruiter. At KLLM, things are a bit different. Field Recruiter Kenneth Shivers says after student drivers come talk to him, he takes a novel approach. “I suggest that they stop by a truck stop on their way home and find a KLLM driver to talk to. That’s the best place to find out what a company’s really like,” Shivers says. “The main thing I do is stay upfront and truthful. I’m not one of these salesmen who paints a picture that’s not true. When I go in, I try to be as realistic as possible, and give them the true facts.”

Luckily for KLLM, those facts are pretty impressive. The Mississippi-based carrier has been hiring student drivers for over 35 years. Shivers explains that they’ve perfected the best way to prepare a driver. “First, our trainers are trained on how to train,” he says with a laugh. “So new hires are not just thrown in a truck with anyone, but someone who has been through classes and knows how to teach as well as how to drive,” he says. “New drivers are carefully matched to a trainer so that their personalities and habits will be compatible. That way you don’t have things like a smoker being with a non-smoker, because the cab of a truck can get real small with a stranger for three to six weeks.”

Shivers explains that KLLM’s confidence in its training program shows up in what they pay. “While they’re training, student drivers are paid $400 a week. After their training, they’re upgraded to Lead Driver status. We know how well trained they are, so we start them out with one of the best pay rates in the industry,” explains Shivers. “From there, they have options. They can go company OTR, or they can go to one of our regional or dedicated fleets. And they also have the option to become an Independent Contractor as soon as they upgrade. If they want to buy a truck of their own, our Independent Contractor program will help them get one of our trucks with no money down and no credit check. Whatever career path they choose, we’re here to help them. That’s probably why once drivers settle into the business they usually hang with us for a long, long time.”