KLLM’s Million Mile Club began with our charter member, Mrs. Mary Miller (Retired) driving a million accident-free miles while running with her husband, Robert.

To drive a million miles without being involved in a preventable accident is a monumental accomplishment. It takes a single driver about eight years to log a million miles. We are proud of all of KLLM’s driver force, but we are extremely proud of those who have driven themselves into KLLM’s history book.

We will continue to add drivers to the Million Mile Club because of the commitment to excellence in our driver force, better known as “Perfection In Motion.”

Chairman’s Fleet – Two Million or More Miles

Barry Quebodeaux, Trainer, 8 million safe driving miles, longevity – 31 years
Adam Butcher, 3 million safe driving miles, longevity – 25 years
Peter Davis, 3 million safe driving miles, longevity – 27 years
Gerome Freni, 2 million safe driving miles, longevity -22 years
Arthur Ferrell, Trainer, 2 million safe driving miles, longevity -22 years

Presidential Fleet –¬†One¬†Million Miles

Ronnie Prince, longevity – 19 years
Arthur Presley, longevity – 20 years
Richard Lavdar, longevity – 19 years
Rolando Salinas, Trainer, longevity – 6 years
Robert Arnold, longevity – 11 years
Stephen Pennington, longevity – 13 years
Ray Tatro, longevity – 16 years
Wesley Kinard, longevity – 16 years
Michael Kitchens, Trainer, longevity – 8 years
Ann Collins, longevity – 12 years
Eli Rossum, Trainer, longevity – 11 years
Fofana Vadjiba, Trainer, longevity – 10 years
Robert Hayes, longevity – 9 years
Gregory Donar, Trainer, longevity – 9 years
Thomas Wilkins, longevity – 16 years
Marti Wenzinger, Trainer, longevity – 12 years
Francisco Rojas, longevity – 16 years
Syvell Thompson, longevity – 20 years
Brett Lawrence, longevity – 12 years
Charles Wilson Jr, longevity -14 years
Taylor R. Holcomb, longevity – 13 years