Our Over the Road (OTR) service is for those long-hauls that often cover thousands of miles of distances. We offer OTR services for forty-eight states and Mexico with both Single and Team Drivers options.

KLLM’s OTR headquarters are centrally located in key strategic locations so that you’re able to deal directly with those managing your transportation project. With KLLM’s Superior on-time service and satellite communication, you’ll always know where your long distance hauls are.

Customer Service



Area Area Manager Phone Fax Email
1 Clayton Edwards 1-800-925-1018 1-601-932-8910 cedwards@kllm.com
2 Kathryn Millar 1-800-925-1019 1-866-460-3744 kmillar@kllm.com
3 Felicia Morris 1-800-925-1020 1-601-932-8910 fmorris@kllm.com
4 Laurie Bulkley 1-800-925-1021 1-866-822-3304 lbulkley@kllm.com
5 Matthew Poe 1-800-925-1025 1-601-932-8910 mpoe@kllm.com
6 Amber Gillam 1-800-925-1023 1-866-728-7586 agillam@kllm.com
7 Matthew Poe 1-800-925-1024 1-601-932-8910 mpoe@kllm.com
n/a Brent Anthony, Director of Linehaul Operations 1-601-936-5437 1-601-932-8910 banthony@kllm.com
n/a Greg Carpenter, V.P. of Operations 1-800-925-0958 1-601-932-8910 gcarpenter@kllm.com