KLLM’s Dedicated Fleet services provide our clients with ‘Best in Class’ Dedicated Contract Carriage solutions that are cost effective, deliver measurable results, and add value to our client’s supply chains.

We currently offer three different types of Dedicated Fleet options for our clients.

Dedicated Fleet Creation

  • High volume shippers
  • Short length of haul (<250 miles)
  • Multiple turns
  • High utilization
  • Getting more out of our equipment and drivers
  • Create tours
  • Multiple legs
  • Mostly loaded miles
  • Round trip
  • Vendor inbound
  • Infuse 3rd party backhaul

Private Fleet Replacement

  • Converting owned or leased equipment
  • Assist in selling client’s equipment
  • Assume leases
  • Operate customer’s equipment
  • Benefits of outsourcing private fleet
  • Reduces exposure and liability
  • Limits cash outlay of purchasing or leasing
  • Improve service and visibility with technology
  • Reduce costs through increased utilization
  • Create or enhance safety program

Private Fleet Enhancement

  • Grow private fleet without burdens of ownership
  • Assist with geographic area, product line or customer
  • Rapidly growing companies
  • Provide access to larger fleet and driver base
  • Balance client’s transportation network
  • Cover volume fluctuations

For more information regarding KLLM’s Dedicated Fleet services, please contact:

Bill Hahn
Director of Dedicated Sales
Volant, PA
Office: 724-533-2060
Email: bhahn@kllm.com