Troopers and KLLM Truckers Riding Together for Safer Roads

JACKSON, Miss. – KLLM Transport Services has announced that it will be participating with the Mississippi Highway Patrol in an effort to stop drivers who operate their cars in an unsafe manner around 18-wheelers on Mississippi’s  highways.

State troopers will be riding along with truck drivers in the cabs of some of KLLM’s trucks to observe the driving behaviors of vehicles they encounter. Erratic drivers who drive recklessly around the big rig will be ticketed by MHP officers in marked patrol cars who will be in radio contact with the troopers riding in trucks.
“Many of the 18-wheeler accidents you hear about on the news are actually caused by the wrongdoing of automobile drivers who have driven recklessly around the big rig,” said MHP Captain Scott Carnegie. “It takes 200 feet for one of these fully loaded trucks to stop, and we’re going to watch for–and catch–erratic or aggressive drivers who do things like suddenly pulling out in front of trucks or who drive too closely to trucks.”
This is the second year for this safety program, part of the “Motor Carrier Apprehension Program” which is funded by a federal grant from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. “We’re out here to make all drivers safer. Last year, crash rates went down dramatically in the areas we worked and we gave out over 2,000 tickets. We’re grateful to companies like KLLM, who are participating with us to help make the highways safer for everyone.”
About KLLM
KLLM, based in Jackson, MS, offers over-the-road, regional and dedicated temperature-controlled services throughout the United States and Mexico. KLLM has been transporting perishable commodities for satisfied customers throughout the country for 50 years.