KLLM Salutes Ten New Independent Contractors

KLLM Transport Services, 50 years and going strong in the perishable-commodities field, continues to build a large team of Independent Contractors with its unparalleled lease-purchase program, helping drivers acquire ownership of their own Freightliner Cascadias and Columbias with 18-to-36-month programs.

The company kicked off the Lease-Purchase program with an initial group of ten Independent Contractors, as a pilot project. Since then, the program has exceeded all expectations, and has grown to include over 700 LP/ICs. “We’re proud of those who took the ‘leap of faith’ with us in that beginning stage,” states Lease-Purchase Manager Brenda Beard. “They proved us right! Today we continue to offer drivers a flexible program that is easy to understand, free of loopholes, with a beginning, and an end leading to ownership.”

The company recently announced the first ten Independent Contractors who completed the program and own their trucks outright. They all have good things to say about the help they were given by KLLM: “I did my research, asked a business advisor, and it was clear that KLLM offered the best plan out there,” says Sharon Ramsey, who joined the company in ’87. “They let me pick my own truck, and I got a great one! I hope to own and drive it for KLLM a long, long time.”

Eight-year KLLM veteran Ray Holcomb, who has owned his truck since March, agrees, “I’d advise anyone looking to own to talk to KLLM. They let me double up payments and own my truck in half the time, and that let me start making more money quicker.” “It does pay off!” adds Donald Alexander, another happy owner as of May ’10, who has been with the company for 12 years. “I’d never have been able to just go out and spend so much money and make those payments without this lease-purchase help.”

Bottom line? As Kirk Blankenship, Director of Driver Resources, puts it, “We wanted to have the most successful Lease-Purchase program in the industry. Our new owners are part of a group that has helped us achieve that, and we have no plans for letting up.

“In the KLLM Lease-Purchase program, success is the only option!”

Source: Layover.com

KLLM Receives Chiquita’s 2009 Green Transportation Excellence Award

KLLM received the honor based on numerous programs the company has in place to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and care for the environment, according to a release from the company.

“An investment in green technology is an investment in the future of our company and will have a positive impact for generations to come,” Jim Richards, president and chief executive officer of KLLM, said in the release.

KLLM is a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership, and over the last three years has invested millions to improve its overall fuel usage and reduce its carbon footprint, including installing
auxiliary power units to 631 trucks and closely monitoring tire inflation, according to the release.

The company has paid more than $1 million in fuel economy bonuses to drivers who meet stringent idle reduction goals and performed clean idle air upgrades to all of its tractor engines.

Beginning last January, KLLM equipped all new tractors with Detroit Diesel’s latest engine model that meets the EPA’s 2010 requirements.

Source:  The Packer

KLLM Announces New Logistics Services

KLLM Transport Services announced this week the addition of a Logistics Services division to the company. KLLM is a 45-year-old asset based carrier headquartered in Jackson, MS.

With its backing and stability, parent company KLLM is pleased to offer another service to their customers. Jim Richards, president & chief executive officer of KLLM explained that this division is, “A further commitment to our excellent customer service. Our goal is to supply shippers and carriers with a service alternative that will result in a competitive edge for their company. We want to help them gain efficiencies in their operation and add to their bottom line.”

KLLM Logistics Services will offer 24-hour customer service and dispatch availability with the support of KLLM’s fleet of 1,350 tractors and 1,800 trailers.

Kirk Blankenship, a 20-year KLLM veteran with 26 years in the industry, will serve as director of the division. Blankenship attended Pearl River Community College and The University of Southern Mississippi. “Kirk’s 26 years of experience in this industry is another benefit our customers will receive through KLLM’s Logistics Services,” said Richards.

Source:  Layover.com

KLLM Donates to Stewpot’s After-School Kids

Santa came a few weeks early to a group of students in the after school program with Stewpot Community Services. Santa arrived in a KLLM truck loaded with toys donated by employees.

About 90 children in the after school program were given toys and gifts that were collected by employees. Trucks, dolls, and board games were loaded into Santa’s sack and handed out to the children today. KLLM also donated $3500 to the after-school program. KLLM has been a partner with Stewpot for the last 8 years.

Source:  Mississippi News Now

KLLM Shows Its Spirit is a Driving Force

KLLM Transport Services is among the 14 small American businesses that received the 2006 American Spirit Award, which salutes efforts in disaster areas affected by 2005’s hurricanes. The award, presented by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), celebrates America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Richland MS-based KLLM operates a fleet of temperature-controlled trailers, trucks, and dry-haul vans. Its carriers shipped goods and relief supplies to Gulf Coast areas decimated by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. The company said several of its drivers volunteered to make repeated trips to help the most severely impacted areas recover.

KLLM used about 75 of its cargo trailers to haul goods and supplies to damaged areas.

Source:  Refrigerated Transporter

KLLM Donates to Food Network

The gift from KLLM Transport Services is expected to double the Mississippi Food Network’s capacity to deliver donated food and household items to more than 300 agencies and food banks across the state. The food is then delivered to needy Mississippians.

KLLM is one of the largest transportation companies in the Southeast. Officials say the refrigerated trailer can haul up to 45,000 pounds.

In 2005, the Mississippi Food Network delivered more than 16 million pounds of food. The network was established in 1993.

Source: WTOK

KLLM Drivers Earn Recognition for Safety

Five KLLM drivers were inducted into the company’s Chairman’s Fleet, and 17 drivers joined the President’s Fleet recently in Jackson MS at the company’s annual Million-Mile Awards Dinner. Drivers must reach one million miles accident-free for membership in the President’s Fleet, and two million miles safely for induction into the Chairman’s Fleet.

New Chairman’s Fleet members are: Cleveland Harris of Jackson MS, Emanuel Jefferies of Cary MS, Nancy Oxner of Forest Park GA, William Oxner of Forest Park GA, and Joel Kringlen of Louisville MS.

Added to the President’s Fleet are: Timothy Shelton of Mt Vernon IL, Jose Lopez Jr of Kingsville TX, Terry Matthews of Asheboro NC, Vickie Green of Pine Grove PA, Rose Fredette of Carenco LA, Edward Mullee of Yucaipa CA; Anthony Montesion of New Port Richey FL, Willie McNeil of Baton Rouge LA, Raleigh Parthemore II of Gladewater TX, Danny Howington of Pearl MS, Marvin Anderson of Philadelphia MS, Guillermo Bustamante of Colton CA, Edward Campbell of New Orleans LA, James Carollo of Greenville MS, Melvina Chaney of New Orleans, Merlin Cryer of Mandeville LA, and Carl Singletary of Livingston LA.

Source:  Refrigerated Transporter