KLLM Transport Introduces Power In-Lock® Anti-Theft Protection To Lock Trailers From Inside

JACKSON, Miss., June 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — KLLM Transport Services, a Jackson, MS-based temperature-controlled truckload carrier, is implementing a new level of shipper security by installing Power In-Lock® internal locking systems on its fleet of trailers.

The Power In-Lock® system, a remotely controlled deadbolt style lock that was developed by Q Products & Services, serves as an additional level of protection against cargo thieves.  KLLM is able to provide shippers with documented proof their product was not compromised during transit.  KLLM has worked with Q Products and Services for over a year to ensure the Power In-Lock®system is effective and reliable.

“This locking mechanism will offer our customers an even higher measure of security against theft, tampering, or any event that may pose a threat to the integrity of the product,” said KLLM President and CEO, Jim Richards. “Our doors are locked electronically from our Jackson headquarters as soon as the trailer is loaded, and the trailer is locked from the inside, totally out of sight and out of reach of thieves. Once the lock is activated, the door cannot be opened until the trailer reaches its destination, and it can only be opened by KLLM Operations personnel.  Plus, it also provides a minute-by-minute record of all lock and door activity, so shippers know that no one has tampered with their cargo.  KLLM has been listening to the security needs of our industry and we are proud to bring our customers and their Quality Assurance teams a solution that will virtually guarantee their product is not compromised by an outside source while under our control.”

Richards stated that KLLM remains at the forefront of innovations concerning food safety and is already compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act standards that were enacted in April, 2016. “The motto for the Power In-Lock® system is ‘turn your trailer into a safe,’ and that’s exactly the kind of security we like to give our customers,” Richards said.

For more information about how this new system can offer customers the peace of mind of knowing their products are maintained and protected, Richards invites shippers to call KLLM. “For shippers whose product integrity is vital, see how KLLM will handle your shipment with the care and security you want,” he said.

About KLLM
KLLM, based in Jackson, MS, offers over-the-road, regional and dedicated temperature-controlled services throughout the United States and Mexico. KLLM has been transporting perishable commodities for satisfied customers throughout the country for 50 years.

Jim Richards
KLLM Transport Services

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