The mission of Stewpot Community Services in Jackson, Mississippi is to provide food, clothing, shelter and nurturing care to children, elderly, disabled and poor persons in the community.

KLLM is proud to play a part, each year at Christmas, in Stewpot’s Neighborhood Children’s program.  This program provides no cost afterschool care to children through the 5th grade giving them a safe place to go after school.  The Stewpot staff pick up the children from school each day, take them to Stewpot for afterschool care, and then drive them to their homes at the end of the day.  The staff help the children with their homework and provide, encouragement, structure and recreation in a loving environment.

Since 1998, KLLM’s annual Stewpot Christmas Party for the afterschool care program is a Christmas Season highlight at KLLM.   Early in November KLLM employees and vendors start donating to the Stewpot Christmas party.  KLLM officers, directors and employees work hard to make it a success.  The kids are provided a decorated party room, Christmas food and drinks, and Santa Claus makes a surprise visit during the party.  Santa gives one Christmas gift to each child.

Additional gifts are provided for the children.  Parents provide a list of items (shoes, coats, clothing and toys) needed by each child.  KLLM employee and vendor donations insure these items are provided.  These gifts are placed in a bag for each child, picked up by the parents and given to them on Christmas morning.

In addition, KLLM presents to Stewpot a check to be used for its children’s program.  In 2014 the check was in the amount of $10,000.00.

We are honored to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause.