KLLM has zeroed in on the “critical keys” of success for independent truckers building the most profitable Lease Purchase Program in the industry. We offer a straightforward contract, no deposit, no gimmicks, with a beginning and an end, leading to a $1.00 buyout and a clear title! Reasonable payments, no balloon, and no penalty for early payoff; we are pleased when a contractor’s success enables early pay off. Seven years has produced over 700 success stories!

Contractors becoming title holders and continuing to run with the benefit of no payments. Other contractors opting to sell, collect their equity, and lease again, to reap the benefit of new equipment and a full warranty. Our business model has taken a 360 degree turn. We have become a support system for 1800 independently owned businesses. Our focus today is equipment geared towards owner operators success and premium mpg, expediting pay, increasing revenue, and sharing the benefits of KLLM’s buying power.

We will be introducing 2016 model tractors in the near future and look forward to continued success for each of our contractors. We are pleased to announce a recent increase in revenue for all OTR contractors. Please take a look at our new rates. We strive to remain an industry leader and the success of our Independent Contractors proves we still hold the #1 position with our low cost model.